A Year at a Glance

Saturday, December 31, 2011

As the last day of 2011 has begun and we all anticipate the countdown for 2012, I can't help but reflect on the past year and think of all of the great events that were included in it. Before festivities for the night begin later, I want to take a second and go back through this past years occasions and realize how lucky I am for the things that I've done, the people I've met, and the family that loves and stays with me year after year.

With my first time interning in 2011, my mom and I rung in the new year with an experience that I think everyone should encounter once; watching the ball drop in NYC. This event, though crazy, crowded, and barely visible, was definitely an experience that I'll remember forever and hopefully do again sometime in the future. 

{Left to right: Cori, Dani, Julie, Me, and Sammy}
Every little girl dreams of the day in her senior year where she gets all dolled up and gets to experience the last big soiree with her closest friends before we all part ways for our Freshman years of college. Prom was everything that I hoped it would be: I loved my dress, my friends, and our venue at The Magnolia Hotel downtown was beautiful.

With the year basically over, our senior class celebrated the amazingness known as senior prank day. We drove our cars onto campus, brought our dogs to school (as seen above), and shot water guns at the lower-class men as they arrived at school in the morning. Though done every year with each senior class, each experience is always a bit different and always fun.

{Kazimierz Dolny in Poland}
After an eight hour layover in Germany, our senior class landed in Poland to begin our final experience as a grade before graduation with our month-long trip to Poland and Israel.

Though we were in Poland to experience parts of our heritage that were heavy and saddening, I found that a majority of Poland was actually beautiful, colorful, and full of amazing buildings and people. 

{Elisabeth, Rachel, and I in front of a beautiful government building}

{Me, Michelle, Natalie, and Leanna on our first day in Israel}
When we finally got to Israel it was very surreal. Going to Jewish day school for most of my schooling, it was strange to finally be in the place that we hear about for all of our lives.

{Michelle, Leanna, and I at the Shrine of the Book}

{Natalie and I after the long hike down Masada}

{Leanna and I and our camel, Negev Nancy}

{Me, Michelle, Leanna, Laura, Dani, and Julie}

And then, that day finally came for us to throw the caps, accept our diplomas that we all worked so hard for, and get ready for our last summers at home before college.

{The girls and our diplomas}

{My parents and I during one of the many post-grad celebrations}

{My grandpa, me, my sister Lauren, cousin Liam, and uncle at Lauren's 8th grade graduation}

{An amazing summer working in NYC}

{Me, Anikken, Sarah, and my roommate, Sam}
And with the beginning of my first year at Syracuse University, I met the friends that I know I'll love to be with for the next four years. And, with these girlies, it is sure to be amazing.

{Sam and I watching our Orangemen win one of few football games}

{Halloween: Me, Sarah, Katherine, and Jackie as Zombies and a crayon}

{S/S 2012 New York fashion week}

{And getting home to the family that I missed so much}

So, let's ring in 2012 with many new amazing experiences, stressful work that pays off in the end, keeping up with friends and making new ones, and trying to find time to enjoy the simple things that keep us all sane. As this year ends, I can't wait to see what is in store for not only me, but for those I love and know it's going to be a great one.

Happy (almost) New Year!

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