Monday, December 5, 2011

With finals projects and exams next week, everything around campus starts to tighten up. Time spent in our beds is lessened and added to time in studio, the library, and on the computer surrounded by countless cups of coffee. We work endlessly to finish projects for this week to then begin them for the next. Tired and worn out, we work to make the best work in time spans that allow for equal attention to be paid to each class. During the few final weeks of the semester...

As having completed countless exams and finals throughout all of my years of schooling, you would think that I would have the perfect recipe to success in not only studying for these exams, but in achieving a grade I am pleased with as well. Well, so far I haven't. However, here are some of the things that help me to not only get me through studying for finals, but in succeeding at them, as well. 

Find a new way to put your cutest loungewear to use, cuddle up in those loose cardigans, oversized t-shirts, and classic leggings to begin the long list of projects and notecards that you have to accomplish before the big day.

Coffee. Every college (art) students "life juice". During finals, there are two uses for coffee. One, the large amount of caffeine is a quick fix to that night before you spent staying up way too late, and two, it is a quick way to just sit down and unwind for a few minutes. While the usual Dunkin' Donuts iced coffees are most popular around the student center here, sometimes just taking a few minutes to unwind with a piping hot cup of joe is good enough to get your mind back into work-mode. 

Do something you truly love. Even though literally everyday I am doing art project after art project after art project, it is a strong passion of mine. During stressful times, like finals, it helps to take a break from assigned art projects and do just simply do the painting, drawing, designing that you love. Only for you.

Lastly, hang out with your girlfriends. In a time of stress and worry, there's nothing better than hanging out with the ladies that know you best, can make you laugh, and know how to cheer you up with nothing better than their being there.

So as we begin to start, work on, and soon finish our final projects and exams, remember to stay calm, take time for yourself, and it'll be done before you know it.

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