Friday, December 30, 2011

Pretty much if you are a blogger, read blogs, or enjoy crafts you are aware of Pinterest. While I have known about it for a while, I had not actually started my own account until this past week, and let me tell you, I'm hooked. For those of you who are not aware of this latest craze, Pinterest is basically like your own "virtual pin-board." You can search through various categories such as "Hair and Beauty" to "Print and Posters" and "re-pin" things that you find inspiring, delicious (to the eye or the belly), or anything. 

You create your own page that you can organize all of your boards by. Within each board, you can arrange your patterns, party ideas, and fashion inspiration in a much better way than on a file on your desktop. The great part also about Pinterest is that a lot of bloggers take part in it as well. This way, followers are able to see what is inspiring them in other things than just what they show on their actual blogs. 

One of my favorite of my boards is my "Pattern Play" board (seen above). I am a huge fan of patterns, and this is a way that I can see and organize the ones I love. Isn't the one with the ballerinas and mustache tutu's amazing? 

Pinterest is a way that not only makes you feel creative (sometimes more creative than you actually are...), but it's a great way to view everything that inspires others as well and see what great ideas are out there in our blogging, baking, fashion, type obsessed community. So get out there, get an actual account, and start organizing all of your inspirational everything.


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