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Thursday, December 8, 2011

If you're an avid reader of blogs like I am, then you are well aware of the Annual Weblog Awards (aka: The Bloggies). Here blogs are awarded for their success in whatever their topic is. Here is my list of my current favorite blogs for you to soon enjoy as much as I do.

1. Sea of Shoes

Jane of Sea of Shoes was the first blog that got me hooked on blogging and of thinking of fashion in ways other than how the magazines style and present it. Since her blog's beginning (then shared with her mom, Judy) in 2007 her style has evolved, but her interesting way of combining pieces and her love of vintage has always been present and it was her that introduced me to the world of the Ann Demuelemeester boots.

 Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere seems as if she is the most popular fashion and food blog on the web currently. As my second blog obsession, I have been following her for a while and take inspiration from her daily outfit posts. Each piece that she photographs is something that each of us would love to wear but she manages to pull everything off effortlessly even if it is an origami inspired cocktail dress during the day.

Gaining popularity for her amazing Blogshop classes, graphic designer and art director for Rue Magazine, Bri Emery has an amazing blog that she says is where "type and images totally make out." With her fun personality towards clothes and all things graphic design, her blog is the go-to for any kind of inspiration. She's also the designer for the blog elements of Cupcakes and Cashmere as well as The Beauty Department and many others. 

Designer and stylist Kelley Lilien, creates amazing decorating, design, and style posts that look how you would imagine the love child of J. Crew and Kate Spade to be. With each post that she creates having it's own rhyme, the whimsy of her keen eye for glitter and all things class increases each time. After reading a few of her entries, you'll be hooked and be adding her images to your inspiration book. Check back day after day and your soon creative mind will no longer be delayed.

5. Sterling Style and The Glitter Guide

(Photo from Sterling Style)

From all of the blogs listed above, Taylor Sterling is probably the style that I would love to emulate every day. Her perfect ways she includes pops of color, interesting combinations of masculine and feminine pieces, and her keen eye for mixing upscale and lower cost items make her an enviable style choice. As the founder and editor of The Glitter Guide, as well, greedy style seekers can find her (and her teams) creative and inspirational posts on multiple sites.

For me, I have a list of about two hundred blogs that I am interested in. With that list growing everyday, I no longer have time to check each one. Instead, I resort to a few of about seven or so that I check daily before I leave for class in the morning so that the rest of my day is inspired by what I have seen earlier, and being a lover of all things creative, it never hurts to lack a little extra inspiration for the day.

And, regardless of whether your favorite blog, your own blog, or anything that you put a lot of time and love into, remember to just...

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