A Thanksgiving with Family and Friends

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Though Thanksgiving was almost two weeks ago (whoa!), I hadn't yet shared with all of you how my family's festivities, and the event that I shared about here actually went. The actual break, though still quite busy, was exciting. I was with two of my closest friends, Leanna and Michelle, almost all time I was home, and I couldn't get enough. However, everyone breaks off their connections with their friends for that one third Thursday of every November for Thanksgiving.

{Nellie anxiously hoping some of my mom's brisket will fall onto the floor for her}

{Cousins Denise and Sheldon enjoying some post-feast football}

{My amazing grandfather, Milt}

{Mashed sweet potatoes and marshmallow topping: An obvious choice}

After a late Thursday/ early Friday pre-black Friday excursion that my sister, Lauren begged me to let her experience, the Weisfeld/Shkolnick girls headed to the mall for our annual Black Friday shopping (which usually meant about two hours longer spent in Tory Burch than everywhere else). Rushing home after a long day of crowds of busy shoppers, I began to hurry to set up for my own first hosting of a Thanksgiving party. A few months after planning with Julie and it was here. I hadn't seen most of my friends since we all left for school late August, so, this first Thanksgiving Dinner: Friends Edition proved to have high hopes to be a special one.

{Our festive table and glittered gourds}

{Unfinished Turkey Oreos}

{Successfully made turkey cake pops this year!}

{Even added little heart sprinkles for their beaks}

{Left to Right: Me, Michelle, and Leanna with our turkeys}*
I wore a Lyn Devon Blouse, Michael Kors Watch, Madewell Oxfords, and H&M Skirt

{Leanna and my co-hostess, Julie}

When you've been away from home for almost four months, there are bound to be at least a little jitters when it comes to seeing your friends again (finally). You wonder who has changed, who looks different, what they've all been up to, and so on. However, after a few minutes of realizing that everyone doesn't know the same people that you do now, you're not all in the same classes, and even your weather conditions are different, you resort back to your good old fashioned fun and remember why you were all friends to begin with.

Group Shot (Minus Cori and Ronit)
{Top from Left: Sammy (Tulane), Tori (UT), Dani, and Laura (Emory)}
{Bottom from Left: Leanna (UGA), Julie (Tulane), Michelle (Texas Tech), and Me}

* The head on my turkey is missing

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