A to Z: Artists

Monday, September 3, 2012

{Yangyang Pan}

Originally, I was planning on focusing on one specific artist to kick off the first A to Z installation of the new lineup. However, as I was perusing through some of my favorite artists, I realized that it was difficult to try to figure which one to feature. In art, I love colors, pieces that have a sense of whimsy and interest, and am particularly fond of illustrations and type, as well. As different as all of these qualities can seem from each other, this is why today you will see an array of some of my favorites that fill these different qualities. 

{Marcel Dzama}

{Chad Wys}

{Santiago Salvador}

Do you have any favorite artists? How did you come across them? I've come across them through school and (surprisingly) Pinterest
I hope everyone is having a lovely Labor Day, also!

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