Person of Interest: Rachel Bilson

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rachel Bilson is one of those actresses that really maintain a style that is effortlessly perfect and fairly simple, but never boring. Her look is very recognizable, in that she is often seen in well-fitting pieces--often in solids-- such as pants, skirts, and simple dresses, and for pairing her ankle boots with more feminine pieces for an ideal contrast. While often seen in jeans and t-shirts or sweaters, she wears them with a way that combines undone with thought out, and always pairs them with amazing accessories--Philip Lim being a favorite. Rachel's style is one that I love. While she is mostly a fairly casual person, with simple pieces that are always spot-on, she shows that you don't have to "dress up" everyday to end up with an end product this right.

Who are some of your favorite POI? Is Rachel Bilson also one of your favorite stylish celebrities?

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