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Monday, September 24, 2012

It seems obvious, but when you think about it, there are so many different types of design in the field. From packaging design, interior, and of course, fashion, design is something that constantly changes the way that we buy, interact with, and view the products around us. 

Packaging Design-
As consumers, one of the first ways that we come in contact with a product is through sight and how the product looks and appeals to us. Personally, I know that when I find myself in a pharmacy or grocery store, the products with interesting packaging design or logo is the one that I will usually prefer.  These wine bottles have a series of sunglasses that not only make an appealing look, but also are interesting in that when held up sideways across your face, it appears as if you are wearing the glasses, as well...not that you would do that. 

Interior Design-
Interior design is something that I have grown to really be fond of the past few years. How you choose to decorate your space is something that is so personal to each person and can really be a way to showcase your individual style. The image above is one that I really love for an interior space, as I absolutely love a gallery wall anywhere. Gallery walls appear to be extremely thought out and intricate, but I find that they look best when the owner of the space decides to arrange random compositions of art that they find special. Also, the neutral palette with the pops of the natural green of the plants provides a fresh look to an otherwise almost monochromatic space. 

Brand Design-
In a business, it is important that there is a sense of consistency throughout. When everything from business cards, headers on documents, and even certain colors are kept at constant, it is easier for the customers to be able to remember the company and to relate to it when seeing these things. I think that these business cards are great. While still in the typical rectangular format of a business card, this company utilized the shape to their advantage to display what their company is in a creative, unique, and aesthetically pleasing--while still simple--way. 

While clearly there are many more areas of design than only packaging, interior, and brand design, these are areas that I don't often focus much on, but am interested in and really make a difference when it comes to design in general and of forming ideas for companies in the future.
What are some of your favorite fields of design?

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