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Friday, October 12, 2012

When I was in elementary school, my parents built my sister and myself a bubblegum pink playhouse in our backyard. For me, this playhouse was a space of my own that I loved to be in and was special because of all of the work put into it from the two-way stable style door, the little porch, and the little steps that I would hop over in the grass to get to. However, my favorite part was the chalkboard wall. Of course, being younger, I thought it was amazing that I could draw all over these walls whatever I wanted, and that it could easily be changed, as well. Years later, we no longer have the playhouse, but my love for these chalkboard walls still remain. I love the way that they can add a sense of character and playfulness to an otherwise ordinary space, and the fact that they can be so personal to each owner. Whether you write your grocery lists on them in the kitchen, display inspirational quotes in intricate lettering, or put up in a family room for free drawing, they create a homey quality that definitely reminds me of a great and special place.

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