Tuesday Shoesday

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In counting down the days until I head home for Thanksgiving break,  my excitement over re-uniting with the shoes that I left in my closet began to build. I purchased this pair of Sam Edelman "Taryn" heels over the summer and, though I only wore them once, I am absolutely in love with them. Wearing a pair of light colored shoes always feels special to me because I have to be extra cautious not to dirty them. I love the ivory suede and the pattern that looks like a type of scalloped edge skin. Aside from the  obviously lovely shape, I am interested specifically in the shape of the heel every time. The way that it sort of flares out and gets wider towards the bottom is a style that definitely drew my attention and makes it feel as if your wearing something other than just another pair of heels. 

For everyone headed home for Thanksgiving soon, what are some pieces that you are excited to be re-united with?

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