A to Z: Entertaining

Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October, everyone! Though it may seem early to think about it, October technically kicks off the holiday season starting with Halloween at the end of the month. So, what better "E" topic for our A to Z series than the topic of entertaining? 

Here are some of the key essentials that I feel are a must for entertaining family or friends:

1. Fun Decorations- To me, any event can be amazing with the help of a little decoration. From streamers and garlands, fun place settings, or themed adornment, a setting can instantly be transformed into anything.

2. Food + Drink- When I have friends over, I like to find simple ways that can make even the most ordinary of things something to enjoy. Little bottles of water with candy striped red and white paper straws are so simple, but feel fun just by taking them out of their usual containers. And, everything miniature is always popular at get-togethers. By filling glasses with a little milk and topping them off with some chocolate chip cookies, dessert is not only something that tastes great, but is displayed in a unique and different way, too

3. Music- Whether you're a playlist master or Pandora person, great music can help to establish the event or can even work in with a theme (if there is one). I like when there is some background music going on, but definitely make sure that your guests can still hear each other when they're talking. Their voices shouldn't be competing with the music. 

4. Dress- While obviously not every party has a dress code, I always like to make sure to dress in a party style when attending. For me, any excuse to get a little dressed up is worth it. So, whether you wear a party dress and heels or a more casual approach, make sure that you show appreciation to your host(ess) by putting in a little effort, as they did to host you.

Happy first day of October, everyone and I hope that whatever events are in your near future you have a blast!

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