Monday, August 27, 2012

85 Dresses Weekly Lineup
Hey, everyone! Okay, so with the 2012-2013 school year kicking off today, In anticipation for the workload I'm about to endure I came up with a way to still actively take part in this blog by switching a few things up. As you see above, I have come up with a weekly lineup of posts for all of you to enjoy. Here is a bit more detail about what you will see involving each one:

Monday- A to Z: In this post, each week I will focus on a different letter of the alphabet to share with all of you. Whether it be an interesting or favorite Artist, an incredible Typeface, or Beauty trend worth noting, this is what Monday's will be for. To kick off the week, we will obviously kick off with the beginning of the alphabet. So, starting next Monday, look out for the first addition to this feature--A

Tuesday- Shoesday: Tuesday will be dedicated for all of you shoe lovers. Tuesday will be filled with either a few or highlighting one pair of truly swoon-worthy shoes. If you're a fan of brogues, ballerina flats, or boots, Tuesday will be your day. 

Wednesday- Person of Interest: "POI" will highlight a specific lad or lady who is specifically inspiring either in their way of dress, career, or anything really. Wednesday's posts are to show the inspirational people who style their clothing in ways that really are of interest to me in many different ways. 

Thursday- Home Improvement: If you've ever been interested in re-decorating, moving into a new space, or trying to figure out what style you want to go after for your new home, Thursdays will be all about that. Here, I will feature certain rooms or complete houses that are seemingly perfect in their layout or execution. 

Friday- Dress Up: Finally, Friday's Dress Up series will remain the same. To restate this post, Fridays are to showcase a specific dream worthy dress either in itself or a specific dress by a designer that is particularly inspirational that week.

So, I hope that you are fond of the new line-up here on 85 Dresses. Daily outfits posts will be back again. For now, they are taking their own vacation as we fall back into the school year.

Enjoy and look out for Tuesday's first Shoesday post!

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