Fashionably Fuchsia

Monday, July 9, 2012

{Necessary Clothing dress, Francesca's Collection necklace, Michael Kors watch, and Aldo sandals}

Not all dresses are created equal. I mean, obviously, but just like most people, I have certain dresses that I reserve for the more swanky soirees of life and others that are for everyday excursions. However, there are those everyday days when a girl just likes to put on a little extra make-up than usual or throw on a pair of heels and maybe pull out one of those swanky soiree dresses. That was just what I did this past weekend. While this dress isn't particularly expensive, it is one that I usually reserve for special occasions. There's something about this color that always feels a little bit fancier and makes these everyday days just a little bit swankier.

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