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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

In this seemingly never-ending hunt for the perfect ankle boot to replace my beloved pair from Target, I have realized a few qualities that I had in the back of my mind when determining whether or not a pair would make the cut. The first importance was that I realized that my foot looks best with an elongated and pointed toe instead of a short and round one. I love the look of a long toe and I had noticed that all of my favorite boots (ex: the leopard chelsea ones) have this feature. Aside from the length of the actual shoe, I appreciate a shoe that has a good quality to it when it comes to ankle boots and not one that is delicate. I like one that looks a little rugged and sort of worker-boot like. Enter, Gap's Chelsea booties. I had gone to the store a few weeks ago and there was the black pair. Someone had returned them and as soon as I tried them on I thought that my endless hunt for these perfect ankle boots had ended. While I didn't end up leaving the store with them in hand (or on my feet...), I know now that in addition to Gap being perfect for all of my go-to items, that their boots are on point, as well.

Also, even though I had been looking for black, I am really loving the grey and brown options, too! What are your favorites? 

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