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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nike Roshe Run with Python Skin

Although I have recently been loving tennis shoes outside of the gym (where lets face it, I never step foot in), I think that the start of a new school year has me thinking about and searching for unique styles more than I had before. In elementary school, a new pair of tennis shoes was always such the signifier of a new year of classes, and seeing so many sported around campus already reminded me to look for one of my favorite pairs at the moment.

My faux snakeskin H&M tennis shoes opened up my eyes to options aside from the neon, warn-out Nike's that I associated with tennis shoes of all kinds, and seeing these customized Nike Roshe Runs with python had me searching for retailers all over the Internet. With a 4-digit price tag, they are way out of budget, but with a buttery creme body, perfectly solid black swoosh and sleek shape, they are worth taking note of and keeping on file. 

Check out a few of my other favorite options below! Most are pretty average priced, but if you're looking for something a little luxe (but not quite the python Roshe's) Golden Goose (#6) makes some amazing options that have an original take on a classic. 

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