Back to School Specials

Monday, August 25, 2014

If you're like many of my friends and family members, today is your first day back at school for the year. And, if you're like me, today is also your last first day of school--ever. As my first class of this new year was my senior collection class, I'll admit that there was a good amount of pre-class pacing and jitters last night. However, since picking out your ideal first day of school outfit was always important for how you started the rest of the year (at least it was for me), here are some of the things that I think would make for a great first day! As many of you know, I did end up with the planner (and absolutely love it!), but how great would sketchbooks and notebooks look tucked away in that Mansur Gavriel? Amazing, right!

Hope everyone has a great first day whatever grade you're staring. Can't wait to hear!

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