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Monday, July 21, 2014

Nothing gets my week started better than organizing. A good detailed to-do list and calendar helps me to know what I have to complete for the week (or weeks) ahead, and keep me on track. I was never one of those people who was able to just remember their assignments as they were added, and truth be told, there is a sense of satisfaction for me that comes with crossing off my completed tasks (and then making a new list). For the previous two years of college I have used a large Lilly Pulitzer agenda to keep my school work and extra-curriculars in order. The colors were bright and happy, the pages were large enough for my notes, and being in a sorority, was kind of a given. I was about to add  'Peelin' Out' (the Lilly print above) to my shopping cart, when I remembered that another favorite company, had released their first 17-Month agenda. Equally cheerful as Lilly and filled with illustrated doodles and beloved stickers, I was drawn to the bold and honest I am Very Busy cover that will perfectly accessorize my packed senior year schedule. Decisions, decisions.

So, I ask you dear readers, Which one?

Vote Lilly


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AlexaNG said...

Ban.Do...everyone and their mother has a Lilly original. :)

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