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Thursday, May 1, 2014

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Wow, you guys! We haven't had our regular Thursday 'Home Improvement sessions in quite a while. Inspiring and comfortable home decors are something that I have grown quite interested in over the years, and finding them for these weekly posts is something that I very much enjoy. So, we'll be getting back to those for all of you reading. Aside from my clear recent obsession with all things black and white, yellow is a color that is finding its way into my obsession category, as well.

While yellow is a color that so many people, including me,  shy away from (similar to orange), I began to shift my thoughts towards it with a recent trip for a pedicure. It sounds silly, but yellow is a color that is known to make people happier, and with bright yellow toes, it certainly has done a little bit of joy every time I go to change my footwear for the day. I began thinking that if yellow toes can instantly add that bit of happiness, what would happen if there was yellow accents in our home decor? While too much of it may be a bit bright, depending on your feelings towards the color, a little accent here and there definitely adds that punchy brightness that easily finishes a room and fills it in with the way that a lot of colors just aren't able to. In the room above, I love how the room is mostly black and white with pastel accents and sort of faded pieces and then the small yellow pillow and blanket on the couch make it warmer than if they had not been there at all.

What do you guys think? Adding any yellow into your lives in the future?

If not in your decor or your wardrobe, I suggest at least starting with your toes :)

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