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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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It's funny how fashions are different in different parts of the country. Being from Texas, winter wardrobes in the South are what fall wardrobes are on the East coast and in the North. My winter-y outerwear when I am at home consists of sweaters probably until February. Here on the East coast now, one of the cooler-weather staples (that comes much earlier than February over here) is the classic faux (or sometimes real) fur vests. While real fur is not really me, I'm all about the faux fur pieces, and have been vying for one ever since my Freshman year fall when they started to be seen around campus. When it came to these faux fur vests, like most of my fashion choices, I am really particular in their appearance. Some of my qualifications include length ( to about the bottom of where my fingers fall), roominess (big enough to layer sweaters), and authenticity (has to look like the real thing). H&M had some great choices this fall and I was narrowing it down between the two in the image above. When I put on the black one, however, the material was so fluffy and cozy and the length was long enough for my liking. I'm already picturing it with a crystal belt and playing with different textures.

Do you have a fur vest (real or faux)? Which is your favorite from the above choices?

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