Instagram Updates III

Monday, October 21, 2013

This past week, while certainly busy and productive, was slightly calmer than usual. I had time to actually enjoy my work (a rarity lately), catch up with friends, and receive some happy news. Continue reading for more detail if you'd like for Monday's Instagram Updates.

1. For our final sketch project in draping we are focusing on resort wear for the 1950's. I decided to do swimwear, something I haven't done before, for a change. This was the starting part of the illustrations on Saturday night. Keep following up with me on Instagram (leshkoln) to see the final product.

2. I'm writing an analysis on Lucky magazine for my magazine class, so this purchase-along with the new pens and caffeine- were a necessary and  certainly enjoyable buy.

3. Studying abroad has been something that I have heard about for forever, and on Friday I finally got the exciting news that I will be spending this January through April in London studying at the London College of Fashion. Everything from getting to travel around Europe, finally visiting Paris (a dream for as long as I can remember), and just getting to learn in a different environment is thrilling. If you have any recommendations for me on places to go / see / shop / stay...let me know!

4. I went to visit my close friends on Friday night and we engaged in a Pinterest-worthy fall themed night in. Picking up fabulous orange skull glasses for a dollar at Target, we filled them with a special Pumpkin milkshake with pumpkin whoopie pies and sat down to catch up and watch a classic Disney movie, Halloweentown. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and now a good start to the week!
Thanks for reading.

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