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Monday, October 14, 2013

Alright, everyone. So, if it hadn't felt fully like October recently, it finally kicked in for me this past week that it is really fall. Having been living on the East Coast for the past few years now, I get that feeling when the seasons change, and it's a great feeling to get to be able to experience four times a year. That being said, above are some of my Instagram Updates for the second round of this series. 

1. Knitting class can get a little dull when it comes to a five hour studio with industrial knitting machines. Between each knit and purl we bring some liveliness to the small space with a bit of play. Also, although the class isn't necessarily my favorite--the room full of never-ending colors of yarns is certainly something exciting to walk into each time. Photo via Tevy Nuon's Instagram.

2. I have actually grown to really like the process of draping and find the class interesting, although the work-load can be insane at times. This was a quick snapshot of a dirndl skirt I had draped waiting for critique. 

3. Early-mid October weather recently has been cool in the mornings and then evening out to around low seventies in the afternoon. This is ideal for mixing shorts and jackets, or dresses and boots. I took to the first combination and paired a favorite pair of denim shorts with a classic utility jacket while I still can. With all of the orange and red leaves falling fast everywhere, I can't help but stop to jump in a few piles as I pass them. Can you blame me?

4. Not being very skilled in the beauty department, but certainly being in love with the products, acrylic nails had been something that I had wanted to try for a while. After probably the most stressful week of my academic career thus far, I treated myself last Wednesday afternoon for my first set of acrylic nails with a gel polish that is certainly fall-worthy with its ridiculously dark oxblood shade. And, I have to say, from the clink they make to the dainty length- I'm in love.

5. Pulling out a favorite piece of clothing that you can only wear during certain temperatures is always an exciting part of changes in season. These corduroy leopard pants from LOFT are one of those pieces of clothing. They are one of the few pants that fit perfectly and they are so easy to pair with chunky knits and boots for the cooler weather, while still being put-together. 

6. Finally, this was my 1990's collection for draping. I was mostly inspired by Prada advertisements from the 90's, and lots of plaids! Pulling a couple of all-nighters (and when not all-nighters, 4 am-ers) on this 12 piece illustrated collection may seem a bit crazy, but after getting my first critique that really made me feel supported and more inspired, it was definitely worth it in the end. 

What makes it feel like fall to you? Comment below! I'd love to hear.

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