Tuesday Shoesday

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When I was younger, I was an active ballet student for about seven years. While I dipped my toes in the many different areas of dance that were offered, ballet was always the one that really resonated with me for the movement, costumes, perfect buns, and beautiful music. When it came to shoes, however, I was quickly interested in the tapping of the tap shoes from the jazz  and tap dance classrooms and the noises that the students could make from a different movement or step on their feet. Though I was never really a tap dancer, the shoes are still some that I am drawn to. This week's Jeffrey Campbell "Melina" shoes remind me of the tap shoes that I used to admire. With their glossy appearance, sort of chunky style, and ankle strap, these are a pair of shoes that you definitely should wear out of the dance studio and onto a night out. 

Do you have any shoes that remind you of an activity from when you were younger?

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