Eyes for Eyelet

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Although it is still snowy here in Syracuse, yesterday was actually the first day of the long-awaited season of Spring. While lace garments often come to mind when this new season comes into play, it is eyelet that actually seems quite overlooked. While I typically associate lace with extreme femininity and a girly approach to dressing, eyelet feels to be for that girl that is a bit country. Though she likes the idea of lace, it is not as dressed up and not as prim as usual. The girl that is a fan of eyelet, wears her pieces either relaxed when it comes to how she accessorizes, as seen in image four, or exudes a sort of relaxed glamour completely, as seen in the first and third images above.  While lace can easily go overboard when it comes to the overall look, eyelet seems to work better as a starting base. Above are some eyelet pieces that I was particularly drawn to for either their intricate cut-outs with simple shapes or how they have been styled by those who wear them.

Would you try out eyelet this spring?

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