Tuesday Shoesday

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

As feminine and classic as I usually am, quite often I find myself interested in and wishing to try out pieces and styles that are a little unlike me. Anything in a brocade fabric is always beautiful to me--the way that the metallic threads shine and the way that it adds a bit of luxury to whatever it is sewn to. These Kenzo zip-front boots are a pair that while typically not my go-to style, are definitely a pair that I would love to try out. This pair is from Kenzo's pre-fall 2012 collection that was filled with an abundance of rich and deep colors (burgundy, mustard, navy blues) scattered with bits and pieces of pattern mixing and a few prints. While at first, this pair of boots may seem unpractical for their abilities to easily pair with a daily wardrobe, I am already dreaming up ways in which they can be the showstopper of the outfit throughout the fall and winter seasons. 

Would you attempt brocade boots?

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