Person of Interest: Elin Kling

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Elin Kling is a Swedish fashion blogger, model, and fashion director of her magazine STYLEBY, as well as had her own collection collaborated with H&M. While she can be seen in printed and colored pieces occasionally, her style appears to be more of basic colors in tailored pieces. Mostly made up of key pieces from slim-fitted pants and trousers to blazers and knits, I am inspired by how she manages to appear effortlessly put together and stylish without hiding behind bold prints and bright colors. Aside from her outfits, she does not hide behind statement jewelry pieces, either. This too intrigues me in that while many feel that even a simple necklace can finish their look, hers often go without--and succeed without, as well.

Does Elin's style inspire you, too?

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