Person of Interest: Whitney Port

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1, 2, 3, 4

Mixing patterns is an easy way to create a greater range of variety in your wardrobe and can create a look that appears intensely thought out and difficult to pull off. While pattern mixing has become one of my favorite inspirations while getting dressed in the morning, oddly enough, it was Whitney Port and her style that had me attempt it in the first place a few years ago. Just as navy can be considered a neutral to some, I have gotten to where stripes and florals can be considered neutrals, as well. For me, in pulling off this style successfully, I have found that pairing a bolder or larger pattern (such as the bold striped skirt in the second photo) with a smaller more subdued one (the leopard print flats) usually works. I admire Whitney Port's style for the fact that she always appears put together and polished, while still maintaining an ease to her outfits by providing an undone element, as well.

Are you a fan of pattern mixing and what are some of your favorites to combine?

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