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Monday, October 31, 2011

While I continue to fantasize about getting through the winter wearing dresses with the addition of tights and a coat, I am slowly realizing that it is not reality. In searching through enormous piles of magazines, blogs, and questioning friends, I am infatuated with the ways that pants and leggings can make an outfit still look as complete and put-together as my famed dresses would.

So, instead of wearing dresses, I decided to take inspiration from them and create sample outfits that were based on a current selection of dresses that I adore.

Rory Becca Inspired: Crazy for Cobalt

                      1                                      2                                      3                                      4

Topshop inspired: Peach Perfection

                       1                                      2                                      3                                     4

Asos Inspired: Green Machine

                      1                                      2                                         3                                    4

Asos Inspired: Black and White Affair

                        1                                        2                                    3                                        4

I hope that provides a bit of inspiration for the cooler months scheduled ahead. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Who's excited for Halloween?

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