New Year, New Traditions

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Today and yesterday was the holiday of Yom Kippur. This holiday is a time to reflect on the wrongdoings that we as people have done in the past year and to think of ways in which we can improve in the future. Usually during this holiday and this time of year, I'm at home surrounded by my family and friends. We get dressed in our best and spend hours at services with those that we care about, those we have wronged, and those that love us regardless. However, being a freshman at Syracuse this year, I am without that. I am without my sister and I making origami figures out of the brochures in the synagogue, without the break fast after a long day of empty bellies at my cousins house, and without my family to share it all with. Here, I found a new family. I went to services at Hillel (a place I never imagined I would spend as much time as I have), joined friends for breakfast with black and white cookies, and spent the day in between working on homework in the studio. For a holiday as important during the year as this, I feel that this new year (not only literally, but a new year of school at a new place) it is a great step to find new ways to continue traditions usually held during special holidays, and to start new ones as well. Mine so far, have been spent looking up Awkward Family Photos, and indulging in the Lekach (traditional honey cake) that my mom made and sent to me as she does for each member of the family (near or far).
So, in the spirit of the holiday, I apologize to anyone for anything that I have said out of jealousy, anger, ignorance, or anything that might have been offensive or uncomfortable. I will try and improve in the future.
Now about that honey cake!...

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