What's In a Name?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Think of everything with a name or title. A person, your favorite restaurant, clothing line, or beloved pet. A lot of time and detail goes into making sure that the name of that specific thing is perfect. For me, this is the case with this blog.
For literally the past three years, I have lusted after the idea of having a blog; a space of my own where I can post inspiration, share with others, and combine my love for all things fashion and style related. However, though I dreamt up dozens of ideas about the blog itself (posts, layout, what I wanted to say...) I couldn't actually see it come together and make it real without a title.
Upon doing some summer cleaning this past August and sorting things to keep and rid of, I counted how many dresses were in my closet, after I had been questioned on the amount many times before. I ended up with 75. Dresses are my all time favorite article of clothing. They are an outfit in themselves and always make me feel put-together and girly. Since that summer cleaning, I have attained at least (if not more) ten more dresses...coming to about 85. Hence. 85 Dresses.
I hope you all enjoy.

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