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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

/ Topshop top and skirt / Zara heels and purse / DIY sunglasses /

Lately, it's a pretty rare occasion where I come across a garment that stops me and I automatically need to have it. Even rarer, is that it is in a reasonably affordable price range. I have been working on trying to add in a few special pieces into my wardrobe, regardless of their wearability, and this skirt from Topshop had all of the qualities I was looking for. Feminine, dainty, and unique in design, it is one of the pieces that has the power of making you feel a bit prettier just by putting it on. Bonus points, it reminds me of Katie Rodger's Dior illustration on Paper Fashion!

Have you seen any of these special pieces lately? I'd love to see.

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julieslusky said...

love the sunglasses ;) so fabulous

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