Friday, August 30, 2013

/ 1. Topshop Dress / 2. Anthropologie Belt / 3. Birthday Cupcake / 4. Illamasqua Lipstick in 'matte warm pink' / 5. Asos Heels /

When it comes to birthday celebrations, I either love to go all out, or super simple. Since going to college, my birthday always falls on the first official weekend back at school, so my celebrations are more low-key and focused on being with friends and remembering to celebrate before the workload gets heavy. This year, I turned 20. Two decades old deserves some celebration in my book, and the pieces above certainly seem as if they would make turning twenty feel as fabulous as everyone says it is supposed to be. With a perfectly feminine, yet simple, light pink party dress, sparkly belt, understated heels that pack the interest in the gold ankle bands, a lipstick that adds just the right amount of pop to your pout, and a cupcake to celebrate, this is my ideal twentieth birthday look to ring in my twenties and bid adieu to my teens. 

How did you celebrate your twentieth birthday? Any advice for my twenties?

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