POI: Harley Viera Newton

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Growing up in Los Angeles, California, and a graduate of NYU double majoring in Egyptology and Social Science, Harley Viera Newton has a career that sort of instantly gives you a cool-girl style: DJ-ing. Being one of the most popular DJ's in NYC has it's style perks as well, and Harley is no newcomer when it comes to style and being well-known in the fashion world, as well. After all, Charlotte Olympia is her cousin.

Having been a fan of her fashion for a while now, HVN has one of those styles that is always perfect regardless of what the components are that make it up.  Citing Christopher Kane as her favorite designer, vintage dresses as her every day go-to, and having an obsession with leopard print and Tom Binns jewelry, her closet seems like any fashion lovers mecca. She has said "If you're not comfortable and you're aware of wearing an outfit, everyone else is going to be aware that you're wearing an 'outfit.' That's not style, that's trying to be stylish." This is for sure seen in how Harley wears her looks, whether in a dress with a plastic appearance in the above left image, to matching crop top and moto jacket in the above right image, she always evokes a sense of ease and confidence that makes the way she dresses that much cooler. 

What do you think of Harley's style? Are you more into her DJ-ing, style, or both?

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