A to Z: Quad

Monday, February 4, 2013

Now that we have gotten to the letter 'Q' for our "A to Z" posts, instead of focusing on a seemingly random piece for this week, I chose a group of four that I am have found myself to be particularly drawn to as of late.

1: Socks with Sandals--
What used to be a major fashion faux pas, like so many trends, pairing socks with our footwear other than those meant strictly for the gym, is something that still I have yet to get right--but keep trying. Here, I love how the bright pink socks peek out the distressed denim, and the fact that the rugged quality of the jeans and the chunky heel on the shoes helps to balance out the too sweet factor of the socks.
2: That hair--
If you are an avid reader, you know that I am a huge fan of hair that seems perfectly messy. This hair, while a little extreme for day-to-day wear, is right up my alley. There is no part that appears accidental, and every stray is planned to form this tousled bed head style. Maybe it's my southern roots, but big hair  always seems so glamorous and effortlessly statement-making, and this big hair is spot-on.

3: Dusty Rose--
Recently, I have been noticing this color come up more and more. Pink is such a difficult color to work with in that it can easily become too girly and juvenile, which is a shame because it is such a lovely color but Dusty Rose, in a way, solves this problem. With it's dusty sort of grayed over nature, it is the more mature form of pink, but with all of the same femininity. 
4: Intricate Type--
Although typography is not a concept that I am particularly involved with daily, it is amazing the impact that a certain typeface can put on a product or brand. How many times have you purchased something based solely off the fact that it's lettering was eye-catching? Guilty. The font featured here is perfectly floral without being over-the-top, it is still readable, and the color that has been chosen provides a nice natural resemblance while staying away from a bright green or pink.

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