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Friday, February 24, 2012

Going to a middle and high school that included a uniform, the inclusion of plaid into my school-day wardrobe was quite familiar. However, after graduating last June, I was certain that it would be basically done away with. Well, folks, it's not. In my fashion class we have been working on our plaid button up shirts. With a great color scheme of reds, teals, and golds, I was certain that it would be beautiful. Let me tell you, though, plaids are a difficult task. Making sure that the horizontals line up at each step of the process, as well as the inclusion of a fitted long sleeve, make it the most daunting project thus far. So, in the celebration of all of those that have managed to make a great plaid, these are some of my favorite plaid pieces.


I love the unexpected coolness that a plaid can add to an outfit. When paired with something such as a sheer blouse and bright heels instead of a matching polo, or an oversized contrasting colored pull-over instead of a crested cardigan, plaid can make an outfit outstanding and nowhere near school attire.

Have a great weekend!

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