Charleston, SC

Thursday, February 23, 2012

{Rocking chairs on the porch-- A Southern specialty}

In Spring of last year, my family went to South Carolina to look at the College of Charleston. With the temperatures as beautiful as they are right now here in Syracuse, it reminded me of the amazing weather that seems to be all year long in Charleston. Being from Texas and now living in the East Coast, I definitely sometimes miss the special things that make the South...the South. These pictures, and this trip from last year, remind me of all of the reasons why I love being from the South. Even if it's not South Carolina. 

{Some of the acres of the Bigelow Tea Garden}
Charleston is home to the Bigelow Tea Garden, America's only tea plantation. Southerners certainly care about our tea.

{Me, my mom, and my sister in front of Angel's Oak}
Angel's Oak is a live oak tree that is approximately 1,500 years old. Not only is this tree beautiful to look at and be in the presence of, but the little sanctuary surrounding it is peaceful, beautiful, and inspiring as well. 

{Just to get an idea of actually how big Angel's Oak is}

{Me and my sister}

We also made an excursion one day to go and visit a few of the beautiful plantation homes that Southern states like South Carolina are known for. Their white patios and lovely gardens made it such an amazing place to spend a warm weathered afternoon with the family. 

So, if you have never been to Charleston, never thought of visiting, or just feel like gettin' your Southern Sass into your daily lives, you should definitely pay Charleston, South Carolina a greeting. Full of friendly people, beautiful scenery, and good eats, what's not to love?

{Yup really folks, it's that charming}

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