Thursday, December 18, 2014

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I've noticed that when I don't really need to dress a specific way, I have been more and more gravitating to a uniform that consists of black leather, white, and denim. It's funny how a few years ago, these pieces were not what I would reach for on most occasions, and now it is my go-to. I used to think of uniform dressing as boring, and sometimes still do, but it is definitely nice to know that when in doubt, running late, or just want to look put together without much effort, staying in these three colors and fabrications will have you looking classic regardless. I like to think of fashion as a daily puzzle or word problem if that makes sense--you have to keep trying on pieces to see which ones work together and which don't. In keeping in the color palette above, the challenge is more of finding fresh and alternative ways to switch up your look so that your uniform dressing doesn't become limiting.

What is your favorite combination of the pieces above? Lately I've been reaching for my faux leather pleated skirt, white slides, and a dark denim jacket.

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