Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Since before this week I had been a little lax on posting, I figured it would good to put a little update here on 85 Dresses. These past few weeks have been rather busy and had some exciting things in them, and some of my favorites are the ones in the pictures.

1. Business Lady - After many rounds of trial and error, I finally printed my first set of business cards at the beginning of this month. I had been wanting to for a while, and kept them very true to myself with the 85 Dresses logo and gold glittered social media icons to make sure everyone who gets them will keep in touch. Now, who to hand them out to...

2. Spotted Sunnies - TJ Maxx isn't really a store that I visit very often when I am at home in Texas (or Syracuse), but all of my flatmates are major fans, so we ventured into the TK Maxx (London's version) and I couldn't resist leaving without these Moschino (Teen!) spotted sunglasses. They're severe cat-eye shape and classic black and white were perfect.

3. Styled - This past Saturday I styled my very first photoshoot with the help of my partner, Mariann Asayan, our photographer Samantha Stone, and model Hannah Gessler.  Our concept was heavily art-focused and I can't wait to share more. I got such a rush while doing it, and really think it was successful! 

4. Day in the Park - The weather was beautiful on Sunday, so a couple of friends and I headed to Hyde Park to sit and chat and take in the warmer temps. Perfect time to break out my favorite new Zara sandals that I had been eyeing for a while.

5. Coffee Craze - One of my favorite weekend activities is finding new coffee spots. There is nothing more that I love than chatting with friends over a great cup of coffee, and finding perfect spots to do so is an absolute must. After reading about Monocle online, a few friends and I walked to a new neighborhood nearby for some amazing iced lattes and people watching in the park nearby. Again, how can you resist those black and white stripes?!

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